Whether you are dressing for a wedding ceremony or trying out a new style for the evening, you can buy color dhotis online. 

Dhotis are a traditional wear that has been around for several centuries. But, the modern iteration of dhotis made them one of the most versatile outfits out there. The variety of colors and design patterns available makes them the perfect choice to upgrade your wardrobe. 

In this guide, we will look at some of the best ways to style your color dhotis with shirts, t-shirts, jackets, and more. 

How to Match Your Dhoti With Shirt 

When paired with shirts of the right color and pattern, dhotis could become your go-to look for several days of the week. Here are some tips to match your shirt with dhotis: 

Mix Solid with Pattern 

If you have a printed color dhoti then you should pair it with a solid shirt and vice versa. Matching stripes or patterns together will create confusion and make for an unattractive look. However, if the shirt or dhoti carries fine intricate patterns, it can be considered as solid. 

Accentuate Perceived Height 

People trying to enhance their height should wear matching color dhoti and shirts. The seamless transition between these two outfits will accentuate vertical lines. Conversely, if you are trying to minimize the perceived height, try to match clothes that complement each other. For instance, pairing a brown shirt with a white dhoti. 

Create Contrast 

A contrast collar shirt can give you an elegant and sophisticated look. If you are going to rock a contrast collar shirt as your outfit, it is best to match the shirt with a color-shaded dhoti. This will help to maintain the elegance offered by the shirt without disrupting the natural flow of your appearance. 

Make Sure to Coordinate 

Lighter or neutral shades of shirts tend to go well with darker shades of dhotis. For instance, pastel-colored shirts are ideal for brown or black dhotis. Similarly, dark-colored shirts like grey can be paired with bright-colored dhotis. 

How to Choose Color Dhotis Online 

Start with Basic Colors 

The fundamental colors of dhotis are white, grey, and navy blue. These colors will never go out of style and can be ideal for pairing with any outfit. Buying these color dhotis online can provide a foundation for your wardrobe. You can also experiment with these colors by pairing them with different styles. 

Step Up With More Shades 

After you get all the basic colors, it is time to add some flair by buying more colorful dhotis. Even though it can be overwhelming when you try new colors, it is essential to step out of your comfort zone. So, do not be scared to choose pastel color dhotis to add more contrast to the overall look. 

Advance to Bold Colors 

Once you are out of your comfort zone, you can push to advanced colors such as orange, yellow, or even purple. These colors can make you stand out from the crowd when paired seamlessly with the right shirt. However, it is essential not to go overboard with the colors. The idea here is to create a dash by maintaining a sense of elegance. 

Why Are Cotton Dhotis Ideal? 

Soft and Convenient 

Cotton color dhotis are the best option because they are more comfortable than other dhotis. The soft material can dissipate summer heat making you feel more chill even during extreme temperatures. More importantly, cotton is a wear-resistant material and is preferred by many people. 


The cotton fabric used in dhotis is highly absorbent. They can absorb sweat and water better than other materials. As a result, it keeps you cool during hot weather. The absorbent quality makes them suitable for people living in high-humidity areas. They never have to worry about being uncomfortable. 

More Durable 

Cotton materials are more sturdy than polyester or silk. This feature makes cotton dhotis more durable for many years. The finely knitted fabric sustains wear and tear better than other materials. Hence, you don’t need to buy the same color of dhotis frequently. This allows you to experiment with different colors. 


The cost of color dhotis online is more affordable than other dhotis. You can buy them for the best prices from online brands. This allows you to choose the color and style you want without compromising on the cost. It is the main reason many people are choosing color dhotis online for their wardrobe. 


You can buy color dhotis online to upgrade your style. The variety of dynamic colors available online helps you make the best choice for your fashion sense. The cotton lungis are also convenient, affordable, and versatile. This simple outfit can do wonders for your overall appearance by pairing it with the right way.

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