Muthu Kumaran (Fashion Designer) has been at the forefront in the fashion industry, showcasing his newest designs in India. A veteran in the fashion world with over 25 years in traditional family business and 20 years of designing experience seeks to fulfil his vision to successfully market his work all over the globe. Owning a brand of Nayak and 10 other brands which are trademark registered. Creative is his core strength area.

A believer in which one must always have a critical ear for hearing out constructive criticism, Muthukumaran dedicates time to sorting through many of the constructive feedback from his customers , hoping to find ones that will lead to the exposure of opportunities that he can improve on his future design models.

An Electrical impulse that set imaginations racing, an individual who pushed others to create their best work. He is the first designer to introduce designer lungies collection with shrink free variant to the fashionable world.

Out Moto is to creative highly fashionable lunes of clothing for individuals. He strongly believes in the motto “Stay with Us, Grow with us”


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