The Spark Enlighted me out of my passion, for fashion designing. This had driven me to do tons of research, introducing new patterns with elegant colour combinations which accustomed for customer satisfaction.I’ve allowed myself that luxury, that sense of liberation, and now that childhood relationship with beauty and all things has grown to become constant, timeless, freely traversing both my personal space and professional arena, filling my life with the very qualities that enable the creation of the garment – the Fashion of Lungi

My desire, my conviction to curate for the NAYAK a sanctum sanctorum coincided with a time in my life, when I embraced it and literally made it my own, my everyday attire, my personal and business suit, my look, my identity.

In 1996 I launched NAYAK with my constant and continued endeavour to celebrate the king of lungi and house it befittingly in a spot that would underline the highest standards in designer, provenance and process, all of which go into the creation of the NAYAK

With the launch of the NAYAK Fashion online store, we extend the reach of NAYAK well beyond geographical boundaries, and we hope you enjoy the new fashionable space. also ventures beyond the Kancheepuram, finding the same distilled essence, rarity and breathtaking beauty of master designer across Lungi: the best of the best, all curated right here for you.

I welcome you to partake of my eternal quest in celebrating fashionable attire

Warm regards,

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