Dhoti is a traditional outfit worn mostly by men in India and other Asian countries. It is a comfortable wear that is ideal for summer climates. 

The most use of Dhotis can be found in ceremonies like weddings, receptions, and other functions. In addition to the traditional white color, Dhotis are available in different colors and designs. 

People can also buy color dhotis online to explore a new style that can be matched with modern outfits like blazers, shirts, and jackets. 

Here are some tips to consider when you choose to buy color dhotis online for any traditional or formal occasion. 

Different Styles of Dhoti For Men 

As cited above, the modern dhoti outfit can be paired with any attire if you know how to style them. Here are some different dhoti styles you can try: 

The Dhotar 

The traditional Maharashtrian dhotar can be seen worn by men in Maharashtra. You can spot them in a lot of villages even today. This style is quite different from other styles that are popular around India. 

The Chadra 

This type of Dhoti is worn by men in and around Punjab. This traditional style of Dhoti is quite prominent in styling around the waist. Some even state that this style of dhoti looks quite similar to lungies that can be found in some regions of Tamil Nadu. 

Dulangi Doti 

The Dulangi Doti is native to Rajasthan and is preferred by Maharajas of the fast era. This dhoti is quite comfortable because it does not get undone even with intense physical activity. Hence, they are ideal for daily activities. 

Panche Dhoti 

One of the popular styles of dhotis comes from the south Indian State of Karnataka. Dhotra Kachche Panche is a traditional wear that is preferred by Kannada men. The dhoti is lightweight due to its wearing style and is highly comfortable. 

Telugu Pancha Dhoti 

Another traditional style of Dhoti is the Telugu Pancha Dhoti which is worn as attire for ceremonies. It is made out of pure cotton and you can also buy color Dhotis online in this Panche style. 

Hare Krishna Dhoti 

This is an everyday dhoti hailing from Vaishnava culture. It is a comfortable attire that is worn by priests when they perform rituals in the Temple. 

Tamil Vesti Dhoti 

The Tamil Vesti Dhoti is worn by men in Tamilnadu. This type of dhoti style is draped halfway to the top waist and folded to keep it intact. It is a comfortable outfit that can also be seen as a half-pant. 

Tips For Buying Color Dhotis Online 

You can find thousands of Dhoti products online with a simple search. Since the market is getting bigger each day, making the best dhoti purchase can seem challenging. Some people also find it difficult to buy from online stores due to their lack of experience. 

Here are some tips they can follow to buy the best quality cotton color Dhotis online for their money. 

Go For Reliable Brands 

The proven way to buy quality cotton Dhotis online is by opting for reliable brands. There are many big brands selling cotton Dhotis online made from high-quality material. You can avoid getting scammed by avoiding any sub-standard products. Check social media platforms about a brand before purchasing from them. 

Read Reviews 

Another way to check the quality of cotton color dhotis is by reading reviews. Customers will generally post reviews after they purchase a dhoti from a brand. You can browse the web or search social platforms to find great quality products. You can also trust word-of-mouth reviews by asking if a friend or family member has purchased a dhoti. 

Size Chart 

No matter the quality of a dhoti, if it does not fit your waist, it can be a waste of money. Hence, keep a size chart when you are buying from online brands. You can also find a general size chart provided by the manufacturer on their webpage or listing site. If you are unsure whether a dhoti will fit or not even after trying the size chart, you can always purchase the item and return it with an easy return policy. 

Fast Shipping And Returns 

To get really confident with a brand, you should check its shipping and return policy. The best brands will generally ship the items within one or two days. When it comes to returns, it should be hassle-free and quick. This is an ideal way to avoid wasting money on poor products. 

Final Thoughts 

You can buy the best color Dhotis online by following the tips mentioned above. The high-quality cotton dhotis can truly elevate your look by combining perfectly with any outfit. When it comes to traditional events, you should prioritize comfort and style to get the best look.

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