Celebrate Pongal with traditional Trendy dhoti online

Tamil Nadu is the land of festivals. The people here observe many colorful festivals during the calendar year. And each festival has a unique celebration and attire tradition. 

In that sense, Pongal, or the festival of farmers, is one of the most important celebrations. It is celebrated throughout Tamil Nadu and some parts of South India. It is a festival of harvesting that occurs on the 14th of January every year. 

And one of the most important traditions of Pongal is wearing dhotis. You can celebrate this colorful festival by buying trendy dhotis online. 

Why is Pongal Celebrated? 

The celebration of Pongal can be traced back to the Sangam age. Historians believed that during this period, the people of Tamil Nadu observed the first Pongal festival. It involved unmarried girls praying to the Sun god for the prosperity of their agricultural land. They performed fasting during the festival for bringing abundant wealth to the crops. 

There are also other legends that are involved with the celebration of the Pongal festival. It is believed that Lord Krishna wanted to teach a lesson for the arrogance of Lord Indra by asking other deities to stop worshiping him. This angered Lord Indra and brought this anger in the form of huge floods and thunderstorms. During this devastation, Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan Mountain to shelter the earthly beings. This made Lord Indra understand the divinity of Lord Krishna and later apologized to him. 

What Happens During Pongal Celebration? 

For many years, Pongal carried an auspicious occasion. It is the day when the harvest festival begins after six months of longing, according to Hindu mythology. Traditionally, Pongal is celebrated for three days. The first day begins with a special celebration where people worship the sun god by offering him freshly harvested paddy crops. 

In some places, the first day is also celebrated as Bhogi Pongal. People will burn their old belongings during this day to bring good luck and riddance into their lives. The second day is called Surya Pongal dedicated to worshiping the Sun God Surya. On this day, people will stay with their families and celebrate by cooking various sweets and dishes. The most important of them is the sakkarai Pongal. 

The last day of the Pongal celebration is Mattu Pongal. It is celebrated to worship the cattle stocks that help harvest the fertile land. The cattle are cleaned and decorated with bright, vibrant colors. Farmers will also decorate their houses with flowers that will be later offered to the gods. 

Why Wear Trendy Dhotis For Pongal Celebrations? 

In Tamil Nadu, Dhotis hold a special place in its culture and tradition. It is viewed as the traditional wear preferred for almost any important life event. Pongal is especially one of the most important festivals that is associated with dhotis. 

Almost every man wears white or cream-colored dhotis during this occasion when they worship the deities or visit the temple. Some of the famous dhotis of Tamil Nadu are made from Silk or cotton. They will also have different colored borders to create a matching effect with the shirt. 

The current generation, in particular, relishes wearing trendy color dhotis and shirts when they are celebrating Pongal. 

How To Wear a Dhoti Properly? 

Unlike other kinds of attire, dhotis involve a special step-by-step process for wearing them. The long drape needs to be covered the lower body by adjusting around the waist. There are also a variety of styles you can try out when wearing dhotis. 

  1. First, you have to hold the drape horizontally. Make sure that the colored borders are behind you at the top of your waist. 
  2. Then, measure the cloth needed to cover either side of your body. And start to wrap the cloth around the body gradually. This needs to be done when you are holding the material in front of your waist. This way, you can have equal amounts of fabric on both sides of your body. 
  3. After dividing the dhoti evenly, you need to tie a knot on your navel and make several folds on the right side of your navel. These folded parts should be tucked into the waistband once you are done. 
  4. Lastly, wrap the folded waistband one or two times without twisting the material. This creates a tight fit without being painful or inconvenient. 

Different Styles to Try on Dhotis 

If you are rocking trendy dhotis for the Pongal festival, you can try out different styles to create a fashionable look with traditional wear. 

Match With Prints 

You can wear trendy colored dhotis with different print shirts. The stylish color borders of the dhotis will perfectly match the funky prints of the shirt. In the same way, the dhotis can be paired with printed T-shirts or polos. 

White With Vibrant 

If you want to have an awesome look during Pongal celebrations, then you can match plain white dhotis with vibrant-colored shirts. Shades like Orange, Red, Purple, Indigo, or Green can be paired with plain white dhotis to create a simple, yet sophisticated look for the festive celebration. 

Dhotis With Nehru Jacket 

Nehru jackets have the power to make any outfit look classy and elegant. You can pair any colored dhotis with a matching Nehru jacket. The best combination would be a black Nehru jacket with a white dhoti. You may also try out pastel colors to create more character with your outfit. 

The Bottomline 

With the Pongal festival around the corner, the preparations are getting hype. Everyone’s eyes are filled with sights of happy people looking to celebrate the harvest celebration by spending time with their families and worshiping their ardent deities. 

One of the best ways to celebrate Pongal is by wearing dhotis. You can purchase the best quality trendy dhotis online and pair them with a matching colored shirt or t-shirt to kick start your Pongal celebration in style. 

There are a variety of brands out there to buy dhotis from. But, we suggest choosing only the best and most well-known brands.

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