In a constantly evolving world, every aspect of it is going through a massive makeover and fashion is not an exception. The birth of any new fashion is a result of experimenting. Take a walk down memory lane and you will know that the above-mentioned statement is not an exaggeration.

Few specific traditional attires like lungies, dhotis, and sarees have to be given their due credit because they stood their ground, unaltered by time. To date, there have been only minute changes that have happened in the recent past. Nevertheless, these changes in spite of not being that big have worked out for good.  Some specific brands like Nakak Fashion have played an integral part in making lungies more fashionable. Here are a few fashion trends that changed a common man’s perception of lungies.

Lungies With Crop Top – Take Gender Out Of The Way:

The person who came up with this out-of-the-box idea deserves special mention and a bow down. This specific fashion experiment with lungies broke a big stereotype which is lungie being confined to one specific gender in the Indian subcontinent. It would not be an understatement to say that after this lungies are seen in a very different way. To put things on a lighter note there is no better summer wear than this for all fashionable women out there.

Lungies With Blazer – Literally Semi-Formal:

There was a time when blazers, specifically black or blue blazers were worn with dhotis. The best example is Bharathiyar’s attire. But blazers with lungies is without a doubt a new age concept that seems to have appealed to the younger audiences. There might be few ideas that might not seem very appealing on a conceptual level. But they can create wonders when it goes on floors. Lungis with blazers is one such idea with unparalleled potential. It has worked out extremely well as many leading brands are using this concept.

Lungies With Kurta – Being Sanskari:

If western wear like a blazer can go well with lungie why not traditional wear that originated from our land? – This probably might be the question that led to the amazing fashion combo of lungi with Kurta. With lungies coming in different patterns and colors like printed lungies, all it takes is selecting the right lungie to go with a kurta. If done right, there are no second thoughts about the fact that anyone can pull it with absolute ease and perfection.

We are at a point in time where the world is running at a very fast phase. Every now and then a new fashion trend is born. Lungie being one of the oldest outfits that came into existence has just now stepped into the world of evolving fashion and there is a lot more to come.

The one thing about Nayak fashions that has kept it going all these years is that it has never been stagnant. Be it incorporating technology and helping people buy lungies online or adapting the new fashion trends to live up to the expectations of people, we have done it all in the right way and at the right time.

Likewise, with any change in terms of fashion, Nayak Fashions will be at the forefront of embracing the change to provide the best to its customers.







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