Top Reason Why You Should Start Carrying Handkerchief

There was a time when carrying a handkerchief was quite similar to having an extra phone charger on a trip. Moreover, carrying a handkerchief used to be a practice in the past as it was also quite cheaper when tissue papers didn’t exist in the world. They were also one of the few accessories which added a unique colour to the outfit. 

As people started shifting to disposable tissues, the use of handkerchiefs has reduced a lot, and it is one of the common reasons why fewer and fewer people make them part of their routine. In addition to that, there are also many people who have still not lost sight of handkerchiefs and have continued to appreciate their presence in their lives.

Infact, the argument between handkerchiefs and tissues has remained the same for a long time, so in this blog, we will find out who wins the show, whether it is the soft and silky handkerchief or cheap disposable tissues. 

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Here are some of the top reasons why you have to use a handkerchief over a tissue.

Wipe sweat:

The summer is here, and the scorching sun outside will definitely give you a lot of sweat. Moreover, you might have also experienced the fact that wiping sweat with the help of disposable tissue is not as comfortable as when it is done with a cotton handkerchief. 

You can also spray essential oils on a cotton handkerchief when you are suffering from a cold to ensure that it will deliver better results and will also provide a soothing odour when you are not feeling well. 

Cotton handkerchiefs are also best when the concern is about expressing your emotions of sorrow or joy as they will help you in avoiding mess. You can also share your cotton handkerchief with someone who is facing a difficult time. As mentioned above, handkerchiefs work too well, and it is also a great gesture to share a handkerchief when someone close to your heart is in grief. 

Clean your smartphone screen or spectacles:

One of the common problems we all have faced when using tissue paper to wipe our smartphone screen is that it can lead to scratches, which can reduce the quality of the smartphone. The remains of the paper on the screen also make it difficult for the person cleaning the phone. On the other hand, using a cotton handkerchief to clean the smartphone screen is smart and convenient.

Dry or clean hands:

Well, last but not least, the main purpose of the handkerchief is to dry or clean your hands. Keeping a cotton handkerchief is quite handy when using public toilets as you don’t have to spend your precious time waiting in queue for tissue paper. Plus, when you are travelling with your kids or grandkids, having a cotton handkerchief can be vital in cleaning their faces and hands. 

Handkerchiefs are Environment Friendly:

It is one of the best reasons you have to use a cotton handkerchief instead of disposable tissue. When you substitute disposable tissue with cotton handkerchiefs, you save yourself money and contribute to saving paper and energy used to make tissue papers. Small things make big changes. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every human being to make the earth a better place to live


Do you remember your childhood days? When most of us used to carry a handkerchief on our school shirt with a safety pin. So, there is an emotion associated with cotton handkerchiefs that is unforgettable.

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