“Lungies” is more than just a piece of cloth. It has become so synonymous with certain regions that people have gone to an extent of stereotyping it and making songs about it. But lungies cannot be confined to what they are being portrayed by the media. They have a rich history and have gone through a lot of change over a period of time. 

As much as we enjoy the comfort that lungies offer, it’s important that we also know a few interesting facts about this amazing piece of clothing. Let’s take a deep dive. 

History and Origin

The time of origin in regard to lungies is not clear but it is said that it has a history of more than three hundred years. But the place of its origin is very clear which is the southern part of the Indian subcontinent and later spread across many parts of Asia. People accepted it readily because of the simplicity of it and last but not the least the comfort that it offers. Apart from India it is quite prominent in neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Indonesia. It is to be noted that the weather conditions in these countries are similar to that of India. It is highly humid and is hot except for a few months in the entire year.  

The Pattern

There is a minute difference in the way in which lungies are worn. It varies from one region to another. Some communities have this tradition of wearing them above the ankle. In the state of Kerala, lungis are worn with a double knot. In countries like Myanmar and Indonesia people do not fold the lungis. They wear it in such a way that it covers the entire legs. One of the interesting facts about Myanmar is that even ladies wear lungis.  

The Transformation

Like most other garments, lungis have gone through a massive makeover. In the beginning, lungis were made of cotton and rarely silk. The lungis oven from silk were worn for ceremonies and special occasions. But lungis are no longer confined to cotton and silk. There are various brands offering lungis in khadi, polyester and linen. The changes that lungies went through over the years was not just with the material. There were some evident changes in design and pattern. For a very long time when lungis came into existence, they did not have designs and varieties like we have today. It was just one solid color. Later came the lungis with simple designs like stripes and checkered patterns. Later when dying became an integral part garment manufacturing printed lungies came into the markets. we have endless designs that appeal to all kinds of customers. 

Today’s Scenario

It goes without saying that lungies have gone through a drastic makeover. Over the years a lot of brands have come up offering a variety of lungies to customers throughout the world. It has now come to the e-commerce space where various manufacturers and retailers have setup their online store where customers from any part of the world can buy lungies online. Today anyone can buy lungies online on leading e-commerce platforms. There are a few brands that have their own site where they list their products and sell them.  

What it was then to what it is now, the change is very evident when it comes to lungies. From being a normal and a simple garment to becoming synonymous with South Indian fashion, it is the garment of the common man. It is affordable, simple and the comfort that it renders is unparalleled in all possible aspects.  Garments might come and go and some people might also embrace western wear. But there are very few garments that are deep rooted to our culture and tradition. Printed Lungies are one of them!!