Lungi is one of the most popular outfits in Southern India. It has been in the digital world only because South Indian people have always embraced their culture and the love for wearing a Lungi in this part of the world is never minimum. Not only men but even women in South India prefer to wear a cotton lungi, which makes it amazing ethnic wear for all the people within the state. 

Apart from south India, Lungi is also a common outfit you can find in various parts of the country, and various South Asian countries prefer to wear the Lungi because of its various advantages.

Nayak Fashion offers the best cotton lungi online shopping website where you can shop premium lungi for your loved ones or husband this festival season. In addition, Nayak fashion is offering some of the best deals and discounts, which will also help you save a lot of money when you buy cotton lungi online. 

In this blog, we will be discussing the advantages of wearing a cotton lungi, and it will also guide you through the legacy of the Lungi and how well it has blended with South Indian culture. 

The legacy of Cotton Lungi and why it is so hyped in South Asian Countries:

Lungi originated and is available in various colors and types, making it beautiful to wear for any occasion. From marriage to funerals, one can wear Lungi on multiple occasions, making this traditional South Indian outfit the most vital one in everyone’s wardrobe. 

Now that you have some details about Lungi let us discuss some of the best advantages of buying a cotton lungi online. 

1: Lungi at Nayak Fashion is made from pure cotton fabric, and the material is so light that you will feel like wearing air on your skin. The fabric is also comfortable and breathable. Most of the time, the climate in the Southern part of the country is hot and humid, it is highly advised to wear light clothes, and Lungi makes it to the list of the best clothes one can wear to prevent their skin from the scorching summer heat. 

2: Secondly, you might feel that you will feel uncomfortable wearing a lungi in your daily life, but to be honest, it is quite easy to wear Lungi, and you can get ready with Lungi in just a few minutes. 

3: Apart from that, wearing tight jeans in summer can also lead to unwanted skin rash and irritation and cause bad odor. Most importantly, the jeans pants are also not flexible, making you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. On the other hand, cotton material is quite lightweight, and it can also maintain airflow throughout your body and can also reduce sweating.

4: Choosing your jeans pants over Lungi will not give any benefit to your body as you will only feel difficulty in doing your day-to-day tasks. Whereas wearing Lungi will ensure you can complete all your tasks without discomfort. 

5: In addition to that, tight weaning pants can increase sweating and lead to fungal and bacterial infections, which can be very difficult to treat. 

Some of the top differences between Lungi and Dhoti

Lungi, also popularly known as “Dhoti” in some of the north Indian states, has been a common argument between the North and Southern parts of the country. There is also a lot of confusion, and it is quite difficult to point out the differences between Lungi and Dhoti. So, we have decided to share some top differences between Lungi and Dhoti. 

1: Multi-Colored and White Colored:

The first and foremost difference between dhoti and Lungi is the color. You can find multi-colored Lungi, but you can never find multi-colored dhoti as the color of the dhoti is only white. The only colored Lungi that exists on the Earth is the saffron color dhoti which is worn by all the devotees who visit Sabari Malai temple. 

2: Pattern:

In the modern age, you can find Lungi of various designs, while on the other hand, it is quite difficult to find a dhoti of multiple designs, colors, and patterns. Some common designs in Lungi include checkered patterns, flowers, and mini checks quite effectively. Dhoti don’t have too many designs as it is a plain white piece of cloth and it is dull and white in color. 

Apart from the above-mentioned differences, there are a few more differences, like traditional wear, casual wear, bordered, non-bordered, and nightwear, increasing the difference between Lungi and dhoti. 

All in all, both are some of the best outfits you can choose to wear this festival season. So, what are you waiting for to shop for the best Lungi online from Nayak Fashion and spread happiness to your home? 

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