The fashion sense of the younger generation is constantly evolving. There is an increased demand for sustainable clothing. Particularly, handloom lungies online shopping has become popular among customers. 

The handmade pieces feel more special than other materials. The level of quality in these lungies makes for comfortable and premium wear. This is more important to survive the intense heat of summer days. 

Whether you are looking to buy handloom lungies online or want to choose the best-designed handloom lungies, we have all the answers you need. 

Why Are Handloom Fabrics Special? 

Manufacturers use a machine called a loom to weave the fabric. The machine facilitates the interweaving of vertical and horizontal threads called warp and weft respectively. The loom uses tension to wrap the strands of textile over each other. 

This weaving is a special technique that requires patience, physical strength, artistry, and technical knowledge. 

The weavers select the right pattern, material, color, and texture for the lungis. They are at the heart of this creation and use precise techniques to achieve the desired end product. 

Handlooms Vs Powerlooms 

The earliest known handloom was invented in China around 3,000 B.C. The technique from China spread to other parts of the world and many methods were invented. This also led to the creation of the famous Jacquard Machine, which uses punch-hole techniques to create complicated designs and patterns. 

This machine became the most preferred method of weaving and kickstarted the textile industry. However, most people still prefer the classic feel and texture of handloom lungies, keeping the tradition alive. 

Especially modern designers are bringing classic handloom designs back to life with their innovative approach. 

This contemporary appeal also comes with many important practical benefits that you should know: 


You can find thousands of handloom lungies online, each with unique designs. Weavers will make sure that no two lungies are of the same design. This reflects their commitment and love towards the craft of weaving. 

One major thing to note here is that this level of intricate pattern is not even possible with power loom machines. 


The traditional handloom techniques enable weavers to take control of their creativity. Thus, they can come up with innovative designs and pattern ideas that are not repetitive. 

This gives customers endless options to rock the best-styled lungies. There is no need to settle for a replica when you browse through countless styles that will suit your unique sense and preference. 


Manufacturers use 100% quality materials to weave attractive handloom lungis. Therefore, they feel better against the skin than most artificial products. 

These lungis are suited for all climates – whether it is a harsh summer or chilling weather, you can always wear a lungi to stay comfortable. You will find it super easy to do your daily chores with these lungies on. 

This is the primary reason why many people are returning to lungies compared to shorts or joggers. 


Handloom lungies are generally made from only high-quality cotton. There is no compromise on the quality of materials, as weavers always prioritize giving the most value. 

The high-quality fabric stays resilient for many years and feels premium at all times. You can be assured that you are purchasing only the best quality handloom lungis for your money through online shopping. 


When compared to the power loom, the handloom technique is highly sustainable and eco-friendly. The materials used for weaving are degradable, including the dye. This ensures there is little to no use of chemicals during this process. 

Since the handloom devices require no energy to operate, there will be no carbon emissions. The weavers also use the leftover materials for other design purposes to avoid waste. 

How to Choose The Right Handloom Lungies? 

Consider The Fabric 

The fabric used in handloom lungies should be your first priority. It would decide how much value you are getting from your purchase. 

It is ideal to go for cotton lungies because they are more comfortable and lightweight than other materials. When speaking of weight, you should also consider the fabric weight to know the thickness of the material. 

Check The Drape 

The next important thing to check in your lungi is the drape. The drape of material decides how the material flows. For instance, lungies with no drapes are stiff and difficult to wear. And customers should know that drape is different from weight. 

You should choose a lungi with a soft drape to make it flow close to your body. If you want the material to float away from the body, then go for a lungi with more drape. The choice depends on your personal preference. 

However, it is best to try out different styles before picking one for your handloom lungi. 

Evaluate the Stretch 

The stretch of the fabric determines its elasticity. You need a handloom lungi that stretches to suit your body structure. 

You can test the stretch of the handloom lungi by buying a sample piece online. Then, stretch the material until any resistance is felt. The stretch should occur without any damage physically. Moreover, once done the material should revert to its original shape. 

However, it is essential to check the pattern along with the stretchability of a handloom lungi. Because this affects how the lungi will look in its original shape. This step will make your lungi shopping more beneficial. 

Summing Up 

The world is returning to handloom lungis due to the immeasurable comfort and design options provided. It is particularly easy to buy the lungi of your choice with the most attractive pattern. Make note of the material quality too because it will determine the longevity of the lungi. 

The above post explores the benefits of choosing handloom lungis. Online shopping allows you to discover numerous options in an instant. You also get the option to avail yourself of several offers and return any unwanted items. This enables you to choose the best handloom lungi for your money.

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