In South Asian nations like India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, lungis are traditional clothing and they also known as  lungies or dhotis—is very common. These clothes are known for their comfort and breathability and are often made from lightweight cotton or silk. Lungi purchases online have grown in popularity  with the boom in  online shopping, but it can be challenging to know where to begin. We will cover all the information you might require to shop lungies for mens online in this article.


Types of Lungis:


While purchasing lungis online, the type of lungi you wish to purchase should be taken into account first. Lungis come in a variety of forms, each with its own special features and styling. Lungis come in a variety of common forms, including:

  1. Solid Colour Lungis: Lungis of a single colour and no patterns or designs are known as “solid colour” lungis. Lungis in solid colours are adaptable and go well with a range of shirts.
  2. Printed Lungis: Lungis with a pattern or design printed on the cloth are referred to as printed lungis. They are a fantastic option for people looking for a lungi that stands out and is more distinctive.
  3. Checkered Lungis: Lungis with a checkered pattern, usually in two or more colours, are known as checkered lungis. They are a time-tested and conventional choice.
  4. Striped Lungis: Lungis with a vertical stripe pattern are known as striped lungis. They are a preferred choice for more formal settings.
  5. Embroidered Lungis: Lungis with detailed stitching on the fabric are known as embroidered lungis. They are a fantastic option for people seeking a more rich and stylish lungi.


Know your measurements:


To buy Lungies online, you must first be aware of your measurements. Lungies are normally sold in one size fits all, but to achieve a comfortable fit, it’s essential that you determine your waist and hip sizes. You can use a measuring tape to take your measures at home or go to a tailor to have them taken.


Fabric Options

The fabric of the lungis is another significant thing to consider when buying lungis online. Silk and cotton are the most typical materials used to make lungis. While silk lungis are more pricey and usually saved for special occasions, cotton lungis are more economical and perfect for everyday wear. Also, certain lungis are created using synthetic materials, which are more resilient and long-lasting than natural ones.


Size and Length:


When purchasing lungis online, it’s essential to pick the appropriate length and size. Typically provided in one size, lungis can be altered to fit a variety of waist sizes. To choose a lungi length that is suitable for your height, keep in mind that lungi length can vary. Shorter lungis can be more informal and comfortable, whereas longer lungis can be more formal and elegant.

Consider the occasion:


Before purchasing a lungi, think about the event you’ll be wearing it to. For instance, you might want to select a silk lungi with a more complex design if you are going to a formal occasion. A straightforward cotton lungi might be more acceptable for informal wear. Keep in mind that depending on how you style them, lungis can also be dressed up or down.


Fabric Quality: 


The fabric quality should be considered while purchasing lungis online. The lungi’s comfort and durability will depend on the fabric’s quality. The good option to go for  is cotton lungies since they are light, breathable, and simple to maintain. Lungies made of silk are more expensive but have a more rich appearance. Although less breathable than cotton or silk, polyester lungies are still a choice.


Brand and Price:


It’s critical to think about the brand and cost while purchasing lungis online. Online retailers sell a wide variety of lungi brands, each with its own distinctive designs and pricing ranges. In order to ensure that you are receiving a fair deal, it is crucial to check pricing and choose a brand that is recognised for creating high-quality lungis.


Read the Return Policy


Last but not least, carefully review the retailer’s return policy before completing a purchase. You should be able to return the leggings for an exchange or refund if you’re not happy with them if they don’t fit you well. Be sure to review the return policy’s terms and conditions, including the deadline for returns and the state of the item.



To shop lungies for Mens online can be made easy by following our guide. You can select a lungi that you’ll prefer by considering aspects like the sort of lungi, the fabric, size and length, brand, and price. There are many wonderful options online, whether you’re looking for a traditional lungi for a formal event or a comfy lungi for regular use.

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